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Handpicked items for preteens and teens to inspire, empower, and promote personal growth.

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Plenty of options: six months, three months, or try us month-to-month to fit any budget.

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Since no two months are the same, you'll be constantly surprised!

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Girls can change the world, so let's help them! Big ideas to make every girl better.

What is the Spark Box?

Only the greatest idea ever: a way to build strong girls. More specifically, it's a box filled with ideas, inspiration, and items for pre-teen and teen girls. There are lots of themes to explore, and we've specially crafted these themes to be exactly what you want to instill in girls at a young age and beyond. Spark means self-acceptance, ready to tackle the world, being a good friend, and so much more!

Spark promotes self-worth, self-acceptance, and open-mindedness.

What's Inside the Box?

We’re so glad you asked! Each month will have four to six gifts geared specifically to pre-teen and teen girls.

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Spark Chatter

A super cool way to help inspire, encourage, and build self-confidence for girls my daughter's age!

Tracy, Spark mom

Love the diversity of themes and the journal prompts. People ask my daughter why she's being quiet. That's just  who she is! It's ok to be who you are.

Sara, Spark mom

I like how it has some girly things, cause I like those, but I also like the stuff that's not too girly. I like it all!

Audrey, Spark girl, Age 11